Selenium Management

Multiple efforts to address elevated selenium concentrations in the Lower Gunnison and Colorado Rivers within Colorado are on-going

The most active effort is related to the Selenium Management Program (SMP) facilitated by the US Bureau of Reclamation.

Details and archives can be found here

Additionally – there is a voluntary group of landowners, water users and agency folks working in a cooperative and proactive fashion to “protect the agricultural heritage” of the basin.


In 2018, the USGS published a report analyzing streamflow and selenium loads in the Gunnison and its tributaries near Delta and can be found here.

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The Colorado River District in cooperation with the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) Program

The following map (click to enlarge) shows the selenium mobilization potential – this information was produced by t and utilized as part of the targeting for Lower Gunnison Project activities.

Relative selenium loading potential map
































Downloadable PDF Lower Gunnison Basin Selenium Mobilization Map