Colorado Climate Plan

Climate Action Plan

In 2015, “Governor John Hickenlooper, business and industry leaders and department directors released the Colorado Climate Plan, a statewide strategy of policy recommendations and actions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to increase Colorado’s level of preparedness. The Colorado Climate Plan focuses on seven main sectors including water, public health, energy, transportation, agriculture, tourism and recreation, and ecosystems. Moving forward, the Colorado Climate Plan will serve as a roadmap for state agencies to confront some of the worst effects of climate change and identify priority actions”. (extracted from CWCB web-page; 10/16)


Ok, but, why should you care about this Plan?

Based upon multiple rigorous scientific studies, it is widely accepted that rising temperatures, no matter the cause, are extremely significant, causing more rain and less snow, earlier and decreased snowmelt runoff. This greatly complicates water management (i.e., reservoir operations and agricultural water deliveries).

Specifically, in Colorado, temperatures increased by approximately 2°F between 1977 and 2006. These increasing temperatures are affecting the state and regional water resources picture. Several additional important reports investigate, analyze and summarize causes, impacts and possible things you can do to help.

Or, view the PDF below from CSWB to learn more about Climate Change in Colorado