Gunnison River Basin Recent News

October saw very cold temperatures and snow across the state. 

Several October snowstorms gave the state a headstart on snowpack and ski resorts are opening early across Colorado. Denver Water reports that October 2019 is third in its record book for highest snowpack measurements.  (Snowpack is a measure of the snow water equivalent, which is the estimated amount of water contained in the mountain snow if it melted.  SNOTEL stations are a great resource for monitoring snowpack. )

The Denver Post reports that while the storms dumped a lot of snow, October statewide precipitation — a measure of the overall moisture — was only 82% of average, based data from the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Because colder air can hold less water than warm air, there is typically a correlation between a colder-than-average month and lower precipitation amounts. That means the majority of the state officially remains in a drought, according to the United States Drought Monitor.  More than 80% of the state is considered to be abnormally dry.

Check out the total precipitation for the Gunnison Basin here.


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